Server Staff Admissions

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Server Staff Admissions

Post by Joe The Fire God on Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:57 pm

Hello! This is where you can apply for an admin position in the server. The Following is the outline for submissions:

Name: (Real name and In-game name please)


How often are you online:

How long have you been with this server:

Do you have any prior moderator experience: (If so provide examples)

Do you have any experience using tshock (If so provide examples)

Why should you be an admin/moderator:

Other comments/suggestions:

Your Age:

Steam ID (Optional)

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Post by Insan3lik3 on Thu Oct 02, 2014 4:33 pm

I am Jacob Sells, or in game, Insan3lik3. I live in Pensacola Florida, using the Central Time Zone. I have been with the server for roughly a week now, and really enjoy it. I have had Moderator, Administrator, and Owner experience with many other games such as Minecraft, however only Moderator in Terraria. Being a high position isn't new for me, so I can handle the "stress". I haven't used T-Shock before, but give me 30 or so minutes to research it, and we are golden. I don't use profanity towards other players, although sometimes when I die, I am enjoyable, friendly, *helpful*, and easy to get along with. I am on periodically through the weekdays, sometimes very limited with school. Weekends I could be on for 5+ hours at a time. I may be young, but I already have a lot of experience compared to any other 17 year old.

As for a steam ID, Insan3lik3 should do the trick, feel free to add me!


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Post by Jelle1611 on Thu Nov 06, 2014 2:10 pm

My name is Jelle ingame ~OP~ Swek,
I like terraria very much and I play it much of the time.
My time zone is UTC 1+ and in summer UTC 2+.
My rank ingame is now [Zombie] so I playt now for 7 hours.
I usealy be online for 1-4 hours a day so if im a Admin / Moderator I be online more on this server :').
I don't have experience with any moderator or tschock stuff.
Why should I be admin?: I realy like terraria and I like the be an part of the group from Joe's server.
My age is 13 and I live in Holland (Dutch)
My steam ID is: jellepelle11.
I hope to hear from you guys soon Cya.


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Re: Server Staff Admissions

Post by Buckeye on Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:40 pm

My name is Thomas Cline
My IGN is Buckeye
Central time zone
I'm online a lot, like once I get home from school, im on for 5 hours, and on weekends im on even more because I have no life. Lol
I've been with this server about a week, U know me Joe Smile
I have been moderator, admin, builder, all those ranks on multiple minecraft servers, but never terraria
I've watched video's on T shock, but never used it
I'm trustworthy, I will do whatever u tell me to do, I will enforce the rules, and I won't abuse power like some people.
I have no other comments/suggestions
I am currently 14
Steam ID is T_Klein. We are already friends on steam


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Re: Server Staff Admissions

Post by Blackstar on Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:31 pm

Name: Tyler Young, Black star

Timezone: Eastern

How often are you online: I'm on a lot once i get home from high school

How long have you been with this server:I'm not sure

Do you have any prior moderator experience: I don't have mode experience but i do have admin experience with the server new beginnings which isn't running anymore.

Do you have any experience using tshock: yes i now most commands like /history for checking for grief, /grow to grow plants, /mute to stop people from spamming the chat.

Why should you be an admin/moderator: I would be a great admin because I have experience, time for the game, and also im very friendly with people who are ether new or experienced at the game.

Other comments/suggestions: I will use my power to enforce the rules but not be to so uptight as to make it un-fun for others and be some sort of nag. I wont abuse my powers and i will do what you tell me to. This server is really nice and i would love to be a part of it... hope you let me into the server as more then just a player.

Your Age: I'm 16

Steam ID (Optional) blackstar034 add me if you want


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Re: Server Staff Admissions

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